Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Watchlist for Wednesday, January 11 $ADMP $TRIL $DRNA $XOMA $EDIT $IPCI $CLBS $ALIM

Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp.

ADMP ---> This stock is on the verge of a Monster move higher! With about 12% of short float, a break above its 200EMA on volume will open the door for Squeeze! Big GAP ahead to be filled!

Trillium Therapeutics Inc.
TRIL ---> Big Short Squeeze ahead. Over $6.20 this stock can easily explode to $8. Great pipeline and balance sheet. Dirty cheap. A Low Float bio stock ready to fly like ETRM.

Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
DRNA ---> Dont be suprised if it closes the week above $4. Potential breakout play with a great pipeline and balance sheet.

XOMA ---> The price is testing its 20EMA and looks like that it found support around $4.80 level. With BIAS on the Bull side, a Bounce is expected. On radar

Editas Medicine, Inc.
EDIT ---> The price is colliding here and a Monster Breakout should be imminent. On volume, its 200EMA can be reached easily.

Interllipharmaceutics International Inc.
IPCI ---> Is gaining Momentum again! 20EMA break on watch for today.

Caladrius Biosciences, Inc.
CLBS ---> Need to include in my blog again. This stock had great trade session and is about to break this Down Trendline just as I expected! In a strong momentum, another move higher is a strong reality. Stay closely over $3.62 with $4.60 on radar.

Alimera Sciences, Inc.
ALIM ---> So far so good. Chart speaks for itself. With the party still in the beginning, and with this Momentum, we only have to follow very closely.


All charts posted here are merely tools to study based on major technical indicators!! It is up to the reader to decide whether the stocks mentioned above are appropriate for your strategy! I warn that the good performance of a stock not depends only the technical data and I can not responsible for any trade that goes wrong!! Follow me on Twitter and Stocktwits, during the day I post some good ideas of trade