Tuesday, July 17, 2018

WatchList for Wednesday, July 18 $OHGI $CSBR $AQXP $DPW $OSTK $RSPP $TJX

One Horizon Group, Inc.
OHGI ---> Shares rose today 15.56% on heavy volume! This Bottom Player is under buyers attack and the party could be on the begin!! $0.58 is the key level to break before the big run.

Champions Oncology, Inc.
CSBR ---> Shares rose 25.43% today on volume, buying pressure and accumulation! It is also about to break higher and as it is a very Low Float Player, it can run hard again . $9.00´s could be the next target! Worth watch.

Aquinox Pharmaceuticals Inc.
AQXP ----> It goes attack its Gap under heavy Accumulation and extremely oversold conditions yet!! $6.90 is the target.

DPW Holdings, Inc.
DPW ---> Finally it gave signs of life, and with a nice 15% movement on heavy volume! Now, this Bottom Player looks ready to explode higher and $0.80 could be the target for tomorrow.

Overstock.com Inc.
OSTK ---> It is Breakout Mode under heavy Bullish conditions! I suggest a Buy at $43.76 with initial target at $47.50

RSP Permian, Inc.
RSPP ---> It made a light trade session with strong volume! Technical Indicators are suggesting a strong Accumulation which i believe that a break above $47.86 is imminent! $51.00´s could be tested very soon! Swing Trade!!

TJX Cos., Inc.
TJX ---> Is poised for new Highs!! Great chart! Long setup over $96.82! Swing Trade

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Some Setups to Watch on Next Week $YNDX $MTCH $CTXS $RSPP $SKX $THO $IRBT $MU $CAPR $TGC $CCIH $RCON

Yandex N.V. 
YNDX ---> After a solid breakout, Yandex saw its price held up nicely last gains!! It is trading under heavy buying pressure and a very healthy money flow meaning that buyers are in control! Accumulation is growing too!! A break over $38.61 could leads us for another squeeze at least to $42. Worth watch.

Match Group, Inc.
MTCH ---> It failed the break above $40.45 providing us a great Buy opportunity! Stop at $37.33.

Citrix Systems, Inc.
CTXS ---> Another nice consolidation after a solid breakout! It is in a tremendous bullish Momentum and i expect a test to its $112 area in the next few days.

RSP Permian, Inc.
RSPP ---> It is about to break up its Base Formation and its second Major Resistance!! It is counting with a very solid chart and my suggestion is a Buy at $48.13 with initial target $51.51!! 

Skechers Usa, Inc.
SKX ---> Clearly under Accumulation and with a very healthy Money Flow, this bottom formation could make a nice upside movement any moment! My suggestion is a Buy at $31.56 to try the break above of its second Major Resistance and target initial $34.34.

Thor Industries, Inc.
THOR ---> Possible Swing Trade on the table!! Go long on the break above the upper line of its Channel Down! 

iRobot Corp.
IRBT ---> Is clearly in Accumulation mode and this base formation should be broken soon! Strongly shorted, could squeeze hard over $83.62

Micron Technology, Inc.
MU ---> This weekly chart is amazing! We should hit new Highs in the next coming weeks! I believe that you will not see $50.00´s any more, so, could be your last chance to get it.

Capricor Therapeutics, Inc.
CAPR ---> This Bottom Player got a huge volume in last two sessions. Technical indicators are all good. Go long over $1.54 to try the break above its 200 Moving Average.

Tengasco, Inc.
TGC ---> MACD is exploding suggesting a huge Accumulation and Buying Pressure! Go long over $1.26 for a possible run! 

China Cache International Holdings Ltd.
 CCIH ---> It is in Breakout Mode under a strong Momentum! Could test $1.67 any moment. Go long at $1.49

Recon Technology Ltd.
RCON ---> Great break on volume in last trade session. Technical indicators are all good, suggesting continuation. Go long at $1.63 to try a break above $1.90

Monday, July 9, 2018

Watchlist for Monday, July 09 $AQXP $CODX $SSY $HIHO $PULM $RXII $AMD $DISH

Aquinox Pharmaceutical Inc.
AQXP ----> Under huge accumulation and yet extremely oversold! Huge Gap to be filled! Could squeeze strongly!

Co-Diagnostics, Inc.
CODX ---> Awesome end of day for CODX on Friday, with price crossing and closing well above it's 20 Moving Average on decent volume! Next Target's $5.25 and $6.60.

SunLink Health Systems, Inc
SSY --->>> Nice break above it's 200 moving average on strong volume! Looks poised for continuation and I'll be looking for a test to $1.75.

Highway Holdings Ltd.
HIHO ---> Great low float stock that  broke above it's 50 Moving Average and its upper Bollinger Band Line on strong volume and buying pressure! Looks ready to Squeeze.

Pulmatrix, Inc.
PULM ---> Price rose 17% on strong volume, crossing up its 20 Moving Average going to close near of high of the day! This gapper candidate can see also strong positive divergences on chart! Momentum is very interesting and a test to $0.68 level could happen any moment! On watch

RXI Pharmaceuticals Corp.
RXII ---> Great Bottom player and Buy opportunity! $2.30 break is the objective!

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
AMD ---> More pain for shorts with new highs imminent! Big breakout ahead. Stay tuned.

DISH Network Corp.
DISH --->> It is in an ascending movement with solid divergences and is in Breakout mode! Long setup over $37.20.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Some setups for Thursday, July 5th $CLWT $RCON $HAIR $GLBS $SMMT $PTIE $MU $FSLR $BB

Euro Tech Holdings Co. Ltd.
CLWT ---> Go long on the break above its Falling Wedge!!

Recon Technology Ltd.
RCON ---> Is under heavy Buying Pressure and could be on the verge of a monster Breakout.

Restoration Robotics, Inc.
HAIR ---> Has everything ready to make a nice Base Breakout! $4.40 is the target.

Globus Maritime Ltd.
GLBS ---> Is back to my scanners with a very nice bottom formation and positive divergences on chart!!  I´ll try the bounce with initial target $0.70! 

Summit Thearpeutics PLC
SMMT ---> Is confirming the bottom formation and looks like that goes to the Gap which could provide us a huge squeeze! I´m long and strong on this one.

Pain Therapeutics 
PFIE ---> Added to my portfolio this setup at $2.10 with stop at $2.00! It seems that reached the bottom and is trading under extremely oversold conditions which any upside movement with decent volume can open the door for a huge squeeze!! Huge GAP to be filled!!

Micron Technology, Inc.
MU ---> Leaving out the last News, technically, this giant at these prices is a gift!! Strong support around its 200 Moving Average!!  Buy opportunity!

First Solar Inc.
FSLR ---> Buying Pressure is getting strong and a Base Breakout should happen anytime now.

BlackBerry Ltd.
BB ---> To finally this blog post here is one of the most manipulated stock of the market! Price reach the bottom and is setting up to break higher again! Technical Indicators are showing positive divergences meaning that price is getting Momentum!! Buy opportunity here too.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Day and Swing trade ideas for next week $SYN $SMMT $CRMD $AQB $IBIO $CELG $ABX $GRPN $MU

Synthetic Biologics, Inc.
SYN --->> It has everything set to break above it's 50 Moving Average and move on! Initial price target $0.298 and $0.37.

Summit Therapeutics PLC
SMMT ---> Possible Bottom Formation!! Extremely oversold, this setup saw buyers coming back which can provide us a nice upside movement into the GAP.  

CorMedix Inc.
CRMD --->>> Crossed and close well above it's 50 Moving Average with decent volume and positive divergences on chart! 20 Moving Average could be an easy target.

AquaBounty Technologies, Inc.
AQB --->>> Very nive Base Breakout happened here on volume, Accumulation and Buying Pressure with price closing at High of the Day! Money is clearly flowing into the stock! This gapper candidate could give us a nice squeeze into it's 200 Moving Average!!

iBio Inc.
IBIO --->>> Insider Buying activated, extremely oversold with positive divergences surging on chart, bottom formation, possible squeeze with eyes on it's 20 Moving Average on the table.

Celgene Corp.
CELG ---> Base Breakout ready to happen! Long idea on the break above it's 50 Moving Average.

Barrick Gold Corp.
ABX ---> Is about to break above it's 50 Moving Average and it's upper Bollinger Band Line with buy signals on chart! The momentum seems solid and we can get a nice trade at least until it's 200 Moving Average. 

Groupon Inc.
GRPN --->>>> Bottom Player!

Micron Technology, Inc.
MU --->>>> Found support on $52 area! If hold up this level, will be a great buy opp! Cheap stock. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Watch-list for Tuesday, April 17 $MTCH $HMNY $YNDX $EBIO $CDTI $GRPN $IFON

Match Group, Inc.
MTCH --->>> We may have here a Time Bomb!!! This setup, which is about to make a new  52 Week higher, is trading under heavy accumulation! Also, it has an impressive 50% of short float and about 40M of float shares! With MACD Bullish Crossover and RSI heading higher in buy area, both triggering strong Buy Signal, a break above $48,00 area, could boost the price for a huge squeeze.

Helios & Matheson Information Technology Inc.
HMNY --->>> It made a beauty 30% upside movement under heavy volume and buying pressure, making also a powerful Breakout going to close near of high of the day! The momentum is strong and continuation is the most likely! Clean room till $5,50!!! Stay tuned.

Yandex N.V.
YNDX--->>> Possible Bounce on the table as buyers surged strongly in last trade session! Could give us a nice trade if break above it's 200 Moving Average!

Eleven Biotherapeutics Inc.
EBIO --->> Is breaking out for a new leg up! Chart is very bullish, Accumulation is huge and so, a break above $1,65 should lead us for a squeeze toward $2,00!!! 

CDTI Advanced Materials, Inc.
CDTI --->>>> It is basing well on support level's and in last trade session it got high buying pressure! In addition, MACD is becoming Bullish Crossover which leads me to believe that we could be on the verge of bounce! Stay closely!

Groupon Inc.
GRPN ---->> It is about to break above it's 200 Moving Average and it's first resistance area as chart is showing! If do that, it will becomig an attractive long setup!! Nice looking chart.

InfoSonics Corp.
IFON --->>> Stay tuned to this Bottom Bounce! The momentum is getting stronger and a break above $5,10 could make it run higher and fast as it is a very low float stock! Worth watch!!


All charts posted here are merely tools to study based on major technical indicators!! It is up to the reader to decide whether the stocks mentioned above are appropriate for your strategy! I warn that the good performance of a stock not depends only the technical data and I can not responsible for any trade that goes wrong!! Follow me on Twitter and Stocktwits, during the day I post some good ideas of trade