Sunday, November 18, 2018

Trade Ideas for Monday, November 19 $CASI $ADXS $HTBX $ONTX $MGI $TNXP $AI $FBIO

CASI Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
CASI ---> Shares of CASI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. rose more than +16% with strong volume on Friday. Price seems ready to leave the Bottom Area toward its 200 Moving Average, providing to traders a possible  ~30% upside movement! Technical Indicators on chart are solid, showing a strong Bullish Momentum on price! So, my trade idea is trying a buy at $4.28 with target at $5.50 and a -5% for stop loss.

Advaxis Inc.
ADXS ---> Shares of Advaxis, Inc. rose more than +10% on decent volume from which seem a possible bottom formation. Technical Indicators are curling up which means that, a Bounce could be on the move now!! Worth try a buy at $0.52 with target $0.60 and $0.70 and stop at $0.47.

Heat Biologics, Inc.
HTBX ---> Price had a steady session on Friday, with shares rising +6.60% on decent volume! Also, it is about to break up its 50 Moving Average! If this Momentum continues, it could reach its 200 Moving Average fast! One thing that like on this setup is its Accumulation, which is very high since June. For DayTrade i suggest a Buy at $1.79 with initial target at $1.98.

Onconova Therapeutics, Inc.
ONTX ---> Bounce mode is activated! Go long at $4.53 for a possible squeeze to $5.70! As always, -5% stop loss advice.

MoneyGram Intl, Inc.
MGI ---> Shares of MoneyGram Intl, Inc. are trading under extremely oversold conditions! When bounce comes after this situation, could be really strong. For now, price seems found the bottom and technical indicators on chart are displaying the first positive divergences! So, we may have here a great Buy Opportunity with a huge chance of reward! Buy at $2.26 and put stop loss at $2.00! I´ll try a +30% profit if take off.

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp.
TNXP ---> Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp. are trading at bottom level providing us another great Buy Opportunity! If we look to the divergences on chart, we can deduce that volume in last trading session, which was strong, was also Bullish! So, buyers are coming back and a big upside movement could be on the verge! My trade idea is a buy at $0.56 with a purpose to break its 50 Moving Average! Stop at $0.47.

Arlington Asset Investments Corp.
 AI ----> Arlington Asset Investments Corp. is showing us a nice chart, with lots of positive divergences! This setup which has 12% of short float and 27 Millions of Float Shares, is about to realize what i call, a Base Breakout!! I´ll be watching its performance on the break above $8.78! On volume, it could make a great squeeze.

Fortress Biotech, Inc.
FBIO ---> Called it a few times last week on my Twitter and Stocktwits when it broke above $1.15! Fortress Biotech, Inc. is now on the verge to break its 50 Moving Average, and if do that with decent volume, it can run really hard as it will get a very clean room ahead! Chart is displaying a huge Buying Pressure here! I suggest a buy at $1.30 with target $1.65 and -5% of stop loss.

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Sunday, September 2, 2018

9 Runners for next Week $ASNS $GNCA $MYSZ $AVGR $FORD $RKDA $IBIO $LPCN $CRIS

Arsanis, Inc.
ASNS ---> It made a powerful upside movement on heavy volume from its bottom with price closing the day testing its Upper Bollinger Band Line! With only 3.6 Millions of Float Shares and money clearly flowing into the stock, this movement can be on the beginning!! Stay tuned over $2.44.

Genocea Biosciences, Inc.
GNCA ---> This setup looks poised to rise!! Technical indicators are showing lots of buy signals with price about to breakout! It´s 50 Moving Average is an easy target and could be tested already in the next trade session! Go long over $0.65 with tiny stops.

My Size, Inc.
MYSZ ---> This setup is about to explode higher. Price rose +7.18% on strong volume and buying pressure, going to close above its 50 Moving Average and it´s Upper Bollinger Band Line! It is in Breakout mode with Momentum coming back! Go long over 0.88 to try it´s 200 Moving Average! 

Avinger Inc.
AVGR ---> Get ready for next round up, now that it´s 50 Moving Average was well consolidated! $1.92 and then $2.03 are the next targets! Strong buying pressure on this one.

Forward Industries, Inc.
FORD---> Shares rose +6.21% on strong volume and Buy Signals on chart! Price is colliding here and it will be very interesting to see if it can break up this strong resistance area! Go long over $1.69.

Arcadia Biosciences, Inc.
RKDA---> We have here a great chart, showing that price is trading under high buying pressure and a very healthy money flow! It is about to break up it´s 50 Moving Average, and if do that, once it has only 1.3 Millions of Shares Float, this setup can really squeeze toward it´s 200 Moving Average. Go long over $6.95

iBio Inc.
IBIO ---> It´s 50 Moving Average was well reclaimed with all technical indicators on chart showing great divergences. Looks ready to break higher!! Go long over $0.85! 

Lipocine Inc.
LPCN ---> Price showed high relative strength in last trade session with MACD triggering Buy Signal! This setup is setting up for a major move toward it´s 200 Moving Average! Go long if it break it´s Down Trend Line Resistance.

Curis, Inc.
 CRIS ---> It made a powerful pop from it´s bottom, crossing up it´s 20 and 50 Moving Averages on heavy volume! Momentum is strong and worth watch over $1.80 for continuation and a possible break above it´s Down Trend Line Resistance.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

8 Potentials Runners for Monday $EVFM $CRMD $XBIO $FCSC $FLKS $SPCB $TROV $ISR

Evofem Biosciences, Inc.
EVFM ---> Bottom Player ready to soar!! If you not got in on my alert on Friday, so wait for the break above its 20 Moving Average!! Could run fast and furious to $2.78.

CorMedix Inc.
CRMD ---> Worth watch what could happen if price break above $0.6117! During the day, stock showed high relative strength with earnings on next week!! Buyers are in charge and so, we have a huge probability to get another run up with target $0.79 already on Monday!! Stay tuned.

Xenetic Biosciences, Inc.
XBIO ---> It is in clearly Accumulation process, with technical indicators on chart showing solid divergences! Strong support level around $2.70! It could and should explode higher over $3.30!!

Fibrocell Science Inc.
FCSC ---> It is in Breakout Mode with strong Buy Signals on chart! Low Float Stock!! Could break easily its 50 Moving Average!!

Flex Pharma Inc.
FLKS ---> This is a extremely exhaust setup! Price finally showed signs of live followed by its technical indicators, which are starting to curling up! We could get here a nice Bounce!! My trade idea is a Buy at $0.68 with initial target $0.78! Stop at $0.63.

SuperCom, Ltd.
SPCB ---> It held up very well the gains achieved on Thursday, again with high volume!! Buying Pressure here is intense and the next strong run up could happen already on Monday!!

TrovaGene, Inc.
TROV ---> We have here a Base Breakout Player with solid divergences on chart!! A test to its 50 Moving Average looks imminent. 
IsoRay Inc. 
ISR ---> It came back again to my FonsieScanner with high relative strength! Chart continue to telling us that accumulation is heavy on this setup! A break above $0.605 could lead us for a fast and furious run up! $0.67 break on radar.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Watchist for Thursday August 02 $ISIG $RMBL $CYTX $CTRV $GNPX $INTC

Insignia Systems, Inc.
ISIG ---> Broke above its 50 Moving Average and its Upper Bollinger Band Line with strong volume and buying pressure, going to close at High of the Day! This gapper candidate has legs to run and over $1.909 could really skyrocket!! $2.40 next stop??

RumbleOn, Inc.
RMBL ----> Last time that it touched its 50 Moving Average, it explode higher!! Will that situation repeat again?? Anyway, its 50 Moving Average is looking a strong guide and is proving a great Buy Opportunity! This Bull Flag could be broke any moment.

Cytori Therapeutics, Inc.
CYTX ---> It is a extremely oversold Bottom player that got today a huge Volume, Buying Pressure and Buy Signals on chart! If you did not come in today, i suggest a buy at $0.75 with target $1.00! In my honest opinion, a buy here is low risk with high probability of reward.

ContraVir Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
CTRV ---> Another extremely oversold bottom player that showed some relative strength! Could Pop toward $1.00. Great buy opportunity!! 

Genprex, Inc.
GNPX ---> It is in bottom formation mode, extremely oversold, with technical indicators starting to curling up!! Bounce could be on the verge.

Intel Corp.
INTC ---> Continues to be one of my favorite giants! It is recovering its 200 Moving Average! If the price remains above it in the next two days, we have a Swing Trade! My trade idea is a buy at $49.25 for $52.50 and $57.00 !

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Watchlist for Wednesday August 01 $LTBR $ADOM $ASTC $PIXY $LB $NLSN $SWK

Lightbridge Corp.
LTBR ---> Potential Bounce Player! Big volume came in last 30 minutes of regular trade session!! Could see $1.00 easily.

ADOM ---> It made a strong move on volume from its base formation! Technical indicators are showing strong divergences on chart meaning buyers are stepping in! I alerted a few times on Twitter to you take a look on this setup! This movement could be on the begin, so if you don´t get in yet,  i suggest a buy at $0.86 for $1.00 and $1.08! Stop loss no more than -5%!

Astrotech Corp.
ASTC ---> It is breaking out on strong volume and buying  pressure!! As it has a tiny float stock, on volume, it could Fly! $5 is an easy target!

ShiftPixy, Inc.
PIXY ---> It showed some relative strength today!! Worth try a buy at $3.13 for $3.50 and $3.80! Another tiny float stock...

L Brands, Inc.
LB ---> This Bottom Player looks poised for a Bounce once it broke out, and close, this small Falling Wedge! It could test its 20 Moving Average in the next coming days!!

Nielsen NV
NLSN ---> Alerted here, in my last blog post for this setup! I was wainting for the entry on the GAP, which happened today! Recovery is on and i think that 10% profit its easy on this one! Long setup.

Stanley Black & Decker Inc.
SWK ---> We have here a very interesting break here with volume with technical indicators on chart suggesting a heavy Accumulation! Worth watch a buy at these level to try the break above its 200 Moving Average gaining thus, a Swing Trade at least until $160.00.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Watchlist for Monday, July 30th $SOI $GPRE $PAM $AXP $LUV $ISR $TORC

Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure, Inc.
SOI ---> It made a nice upside movement on volume from its bottom, crossing and closing well above its 20 Moving Average!! It showed high relative strength with earnings ahead,  August 01, and i belive, once it has 18,72% of short float and 24,32M of float shares, a break above its 50 Moving Average could lead the price for a nice squeeze!! $16.00´s could be easy.

Green Plains Renewable Energy Inc.
GPRE ---> This Bottom Player looks ready to soar!! Chart is showing strong divergences on chart and break above its 20 Moving Average could lead the price for a nice squeeze, once it has 18.26% of Short Float!! Attention to Earnings on August 01! Go long over $16.47 to try a 5% upside movement!

Pampa Energia SA
PAM ---> We may have here a potential Swing Trade coming!! Price has been made a nice recovery since it touched the bottom and if break above its 50 Moving Average it will gain large and clean room toward its 200 Moving Average! I suggest a buy at $43.70 for $50.80 and $58.00!!

 American Express Co.

AXP ---> It Broke Out  at Highs,  consolidated with strong divergences on chart! Bulls are strong on this one! My price target is $115! Nice picture.

Southwest Airlines Co.
LUV ---> It confirmed the break above its 200 Moving Average on strong volume again! Is ready for a long Swing Trade. Price target $65

 IsoRay Inc.

ISR ---> The volume of last two trade sessions is suggesting a strong accumulation! It need to reclaim $0.65 level and,  if break it, is almost certainly that it will rocket. Noted that it hit $0.63 in After Hours! Keep closely. 

Restorbio, Inc.

TORC - - - >>> Buyers are clearly on control! Go long over $14.92 for the big run. 


All charts posted here are merely tools to study based on major technical indicators!! It is up to the reader to decide whether the stocks mentioned above are appropriate for your strategy! I warn that the good performance of a stock not depends only the technical data and I can not responsible for any trade that goes wrong!! Follow me on Twitter and Stocktwits, during the day I post some good ideas of trade