Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Trading Watchlist for Tuesday, July 24 $AA $MAN $AVGO $THC $AWSM $FORD $MYSZ $MDGS

Alcoa Corp.
AA ---> Reached the Support Level, starting immediately an upside movement, which could be the begin of a strong Bounce!! Some technical indicators are curling up, meaning that it is gaining momentum! I´m long for $43.20 and $46 and stop at $39.70

 MAN --->It made a strong upside movement from the Bottom, on volume for the second day in a row!! Accumulation and Buying Pressure looks strong here!! I´ll consider a long position with a buy at $91.70  for initial target $97! 

Broadcom Inc.
AVGO ---> Alerted a few times last week for a possible strong bounce! Well, it is working on perfection and i expect to see its 20 Moving Average until the end of the week. If you like it, you can try a buy at $219.00 for $230.00 

Tenet Healthcare Corp.
THC ---> It made a nice breakout on volume in last trade session! Price is now well positioned for new Highs! It has about 13% of short float and a break above $38.81 could lead us for a nice squeeze. Technical indicators are showing a strong accumulation and a very healthy money flow!! North is the way!!

Cool Holdings Inc.
AWSM ---> This tiny float setup is in breakout mode with strong divergences on chart!! Could run easily till its 200 Moving Average!! Stay tuned!

Forward Industries, Inc.
FORD ---> Nice Breakout on volume and Buying Pressure!! This is another Low Float stock ready to soar!! Strong Buy signal on its MACD!! Stay closely.

My Size, Inc.
MYSZ ---> This bottom play deserve attention!! It is breaking up with strong volume and very interesting  divergences on chart! Is gaining Momentum and i´m closely for the break above its 50 Moving Average! If you like it, i suggest a buy at $0.94 for $1.01 and $1.17.

Medigus Ltd.
MDGS ---> Seems exhaust! It is in bottom formation and a bounce could happen any moment now!! I´ll try to catch an entry  between $3.22 and $3.36 for a possible upside squeeze toward $4.00. Stop at $3.20! Nice buy opportunity here.


All charts posted here are merely tools to study based on major technical indicators!! It is up to the reader to decide whether the stocks mentioned above are appropriate for your strategy! I warn that the good performance of a stock not depends only the technical data and I can not responsible for any trade that goes wrong!! Follow me on Twitter and Stocktwits, during the day I post some good ideas of trade