Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Watchlist for Wednesday, June 29 $CTRV $OVAS $RXDX $TDOC $NVLS $ATRA $GLPW

ContraVir Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
CRTV ---> Breakout watch $1.18

OvasScience Inc.
OVAS ---> Bottom Player with nice positive divergences on chart!! Could be on the verge of a strong Bounce! Is also a Gapper Candidate and its initial target could be its 20EMA!! On watch

Ignyta, Inc.
RXDX ---> Very similar to OVAS!! Nice positive divergences on chart, 20EMA as initial target and Gapper Candidate!! It is another possible Bottom Player that its ready for a Bounce

Teladoc, Inc.
TDOC ---> Alerted on Monday on my Twitter and Stocktwits, this stock had great trade session yesterday, with shares rising +10.96% on volume!! Under massive Accumualtion and Buying Pressure, this stock has room yet to continue its climb!! My target is its 200EMA

Nivalis Therapeutics, Inc.
NVLS ---> Breakout watch over $4.595

Atara Biotherapeutics, Inc.
ATRA ---> Could Fly on the break above its 200EMA

Global Power Equipment Group Inc.
GLPW ---> Made a strong Breakout with lots Buy Signals on chart!! This setup has now large room to climb!! Gapper Candidate


All charts posted here are merely tools to study based on major technical indicators!! It is up to the reader to decide whether the stocks mentioned above are appropriate for your strategy! I warn that the good performance of a stock not depends only the technical data and I can not responsible for any trade that goes wrong!! Follow me on Twitter and Stocktwits, during the day I post some good ideas of trade