Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hot Stocks for Monday, April 25 $MCUR $EBIO $CBYL $AMD $LGCY $BBRY

Macrocure Ltd.
MCUR ---> Hello everyone !! Today, I have something really special for you. MCUR is my Hot fresh play to start the week. This stock could be the one we talk about for weeks to come!! MCUR had a HUGE end of day jump Friday on unusual volume. This stock last year in December had a MASSIVE Breakout from these levels and went on to hit a HIGH of $2.95, so this could be the beginning of another  big potential Bull Run! If we could approach these levels tomorrow it would represent a gain of over 150%. MCUR is attracting the attention of investors fast. The company has more than $1.85 per share in cash and no debt, which means is very undervalued. Two weeks ago, EBIO was trading at 33 cents, now is at 1.50. Based on the current buzz surrounding this stock, this play could be the next to explode to the upside.This play has a Business Model that could be poised for amazing growth. Put this low float play on your radar now.

Eleven Biotherapeutics Inc.
EBIO ---> This stock is impressive!! It is trading under Overbought conditions and yet, people seems not to know about that!! Accumulation here is Heavy!! Its 200EMA should be reached easily!! 

Carbylan Therapeutics, Inc.

CBYL ---> Great consolidation from last Gains!! Like EBIO and MCUR, this stock its trading under massive Accumulation and Buying Pressure!! I believe that, a break above its 50EMA on volume could transform it in a perfect SkyRocket!! Keep this stock in your mind!

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

AMD ---> I posted above two charts, Daily and Weekly, for you guys, to see well that party could be on the beginning!! It made a New 52 Week Higher with full power, broken all resistances in Daily chart!! So, we need to watch the Weekly chart to have a clearer view of what is coming!! It broke above its Upper Bollinger Band Line, its 200EMA, and its first major resistance, going close at High of the Day!! In both charts, which are beautiful, you can see a tremendous Accumulation followed by strong volume, which leads me to believe that $4.80 level should be broken easily!! On watch

Legacy Reserves LP

LGCY ---> After mentioning a few times is social networks, this stock made a brutal Breakout on volume, Accumulation and Buying Pressure!! With a large room to climb yet and as the price seems very well supported, i´m closely for a possible entry with target its 200EMA!! Go long over $2.35!!


BBRY ---> This stock can see its Momentum getting stronger day by day!! With some nice Buy Signals on chart, such its Parabolic Sar or its Bullish MACD Crossover, i will be watching for a break above its 50EMA !! On volume, we could get a nice Short Squeeze toward its 200EMA!! I would not be surprised to see a AMD type move here. JC should reveal very soon more big partnerships.


All charts posted here are merely tools to study based on major technical indicators!! It is up to the reader to decide whether the stocks mentioned above are appropriate for your strategy! I warn that the good performance of a stock not depends only the technical data and I can not responsible for any trade that goes wrong!! Follow me on Twitter and Stocktwits, during the day I post some good ideas of trade